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as creative director of doe, i’ve worn many and all design hats from a total rebrand to emails and packaging design.
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🦋 the fairy collection 🦋 the fairy collection 🦋 the fairy collection 🦋 the fairy collection 🦋 the fairy collection 🦋 the fairy collection 🦋 the fairy collection           

Our fairy collection was the most anticipated launch at doe. Our audience had been asking for a clear band lash for the longest time
                      and this launch had to be fun, exciting and pretty. I created a new sleeve and lash boxes that encompassed the light, airy and summery feeling our fairy lashes were trying to create. I also directed and produced our photoshoot in hopes of creating the right kind of
assets needed for this campaign. I think we definitely pulled it off! Check it out below.

Packaging doe's fairy collection Assets Photoshoot Assets


🤭   life’s too short don’t forget to look up at the clouds today!  🤭